About Me

Steven MullaneI am Steven Mullane the writer of Suketto Site. In addition to really being a full time teacher and IT manager at my school, I’m the co creator of the globally accepted Level Classroom(r) jobs that connect a large number of students each term.

This really is my private website. It’s centered on “world class teaching”. My assignment will be to enable you to work by choice live life exuberantly, and educate passionately in methods to reach every student.

I compose on private growth, teaching, leadership, productivity, and technology that operates. Occasionally I write about things that does not fit into one of these classifications.

My aim is to create inspirational, advanced content which you can utilize to remain motivated in your private and professional life. In the event you are in a status to instruct anyone – or aspire to be – then this site is mainly for you.

I’m stealing the idea from the novel Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo because I adore it so much. Actually, it has been read by me to my classroom every year I’ve instructed!